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Our Commitment

We are committed to helping individuals and organizations maximize their performance and achieve organizational excellence through systematic analysis and the development of comprehensive solutions effecting bottom-line growth.

Consulting Areas

  • Organizational Assessments
    Assessing organizational structures, processes, systems, and human resources and strategizing to ensure alignment with organizational strategic objectives.
  • Performance Management
    Identifying and understanding the gaps between ideal and actual performance and determining strategies for closing the gaps.
  • Training Design
    Developing customized training programs that meet the unique needs of organizations.

Cathy Archer

Cathy Archer has been engaged in Organizational Development Consulting for fifteen years and has worked with a number of companies providing valuable insights for organizational improvements. She has conducted knowledge management assessments, post-merger assessments, manpower assessments, and organizational assessments (due to low morale), and formulated many strategies to assist companies.  Her Psychology and Human Resources Development training and her management experience make her uniquely suited to assess and address organizational challenges from varying perspectives.


The assessments and solutions offered were born out of her experiences in all areas of her background.  However, she puts the most value on her management experience that allowed her to sit in the executive’s chair and discover ways to exceed performance targets while effectively managing a diverse work force.  The solutions that she developed and offered during her consulting years were not just restricted to her consulting clients but were offered to the general public in her previous radio show entitled “Success Is Yours,” which focused on effective organizational practices and personal development and her newspaper column entitled “Performance Issues? Ask Cathy!”




Ms. Archer felt that the organizational challenges she explored went beyond the ‘presenting problems’ as seen by executives.  She saw a commonality among many of her clients that led her to believe that many of the organizational challenges, while presenting in varying ways, had similar causes: one being the ‘seeming’ incongruence of executive and employee goals.  So she asked herself, “How can I get executives to meet the needs of their employees while meeting their business needs as well?”  She knew she had to find a way to do both, and in doing so, identified essential elements to organizational practices that could not be ignored.  This led her to develop a modality that has a basis in what she calls a ‘New Consciousness’ mindset.


In defining ‘New Consciousness’ Ms. Archer suggests that consciousness denotes awareness, and new consciousness suggests a new awareness leading to a new way of viewing things.  Ms. Archer has developed a comprehensive management approach that helps executives meet their organizational objectives while helping employees to fulfill their needs.  She has succeeded in identifying ways in which executives' business goals and employees' goals can be mutually inclusive and offers clients the use of this model in her coaching practice.